Immolation "Acts of god" release

February, 2022 saw the release of "acts of god", the 11th album by death metal pioneers Immolation, and my first major album contribution. Music has always played a major influence in the atmosphere I wish to convey in my photos, with immolation included in a short list of bands that have informed my style and approach. In September, 2021 I hosted the band in a decaying gothic church here in philadelphia to produce a full series of full band and solo portraits for the album and promotion. Intertwining the worlds of music and structural decay was particularly cathartic, and resulted in some powerful images that suit the album well. "Acts of god" is relentless and bleak, yet beautiful in its depth and presentation.
Available now from Nuclear Blast Records. click below for more info
Philaelphia Death Nexus

I had the pleasure of photographing Philadelphia death nexus fest, a new death metal oriented event hosted at Warehouse on watts. The two day event brought out a lot of excellent bands and an enthusiastic crowd, excited to have a death fest in their own city.

Phobophilic (North Dakota)

Vastum (San Francisco)

Blood spore (philadelphia)

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